The City of art Chioggia

Visiting Chioggia’s “calli”

Chioggia is only a few kilometers from us and you can get there in a fifteen minutes by car compatible traffic to the Romea main road 309. It’s a small town that still captures all the charm of an old fishing town and of the Venetian Lagoon. The five small islands linked by bridges form the historical center, and the Churches and Palaces of Corso del Popolo make it a real jewel, called for this by many, the little Venice. Chioggia shines with its own light but still shares with Venice his history and his important and fascinating Lagoon..


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Just like Venice, it shows with streets and bridges but visiting and walking along the canals, including the main one,Canal Vena (crossed by nine bridges), you can see the singular beauty and his unique character. Enjoy the long bridge that crosses the south of Venice that joins the mainland and before arriving you can appreciate the beauty of the Lagoon, where the sky and his reflect in the water, creates highlights that change at different times of day and in different seasons. You can park in the Chioggia’s Port (Porto di Chioggia), a new cheap and convenient covered parking on “Jupiter Parking” (“Parcheggio Giove”), will allow you to reach the historic center in a few minutes. The city has other municipal parking, all by payment and is not recommended to leave the car outside regulated places.




Once you reach the Corso del Popolo (the main street), you get carried away by curiosity and by the sea breeze, which is almost always present. Immerse yourself between “calli” (type of typical street that you can find only in Venice and Chioggia) full of history and perfumes that come from the sea, and walking at a slow pace; try to catch every little detail listening to passersby and the residents of Chioggia in their particular dialect, the talk of a quiet day. Every morning except Monday, a bustling of the retail fish market welcomes local visitors and not, in a very beautiful frame. The fish market is located under a red curtains that is reflected a surreal light in the tradition of the fishermen and the sea. Inside you can browse through fresh fish counters, among people who buy, trade or just look at what vessels have fished. It was and is a lively and interesting meeting point; we invite you to pass under the beautiful marble portal.


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Do not forget to visit some of the many churches that characterize the architecture starting with the Duomo of Chioggia to the Church of St. Andrew with his Clock Tower (the oldest of the world) to finish visiting the Church of San Domenico with the famous “Christ came from the sea” and found by the Dominican Fathers. A lunch break is a must for tasting the specialties of Chioggia cuisine, choosing from the trattorias or more of the challenging and popular restaurants. After lunch we suggest you walking to Vigo Square with his bridge that overlooks the lagoon. From the pier leave every hour the ACTV water buses and private boats that reach in about 20 minutes the nearby island of Pellestrina from where you can reach the Lido of Venice and Venice. Take some time to explore Chioggia, sit on the benches of Piazza Vigo, and you will find many ideas to spend a pleasant day. At the end of the day, you will leave Chioggia with the desire of return.

By Alessandra Crocco
For Balabuska Rooms


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